True Solar announcement.

“Acsess Health delivers solar management via true fibre to the home infrastructure saving developers running secondary infrastructure.” announces John O’Callaghan, Managing Director of Acsess Health.

Acsess Health successfully implemented TRUE SOLAR control through a Fibre to the Home network for Sherwin Rise by Keyton, marking the activation of the first truly controlled Solar PV system in October 2023. This achievement was made possible by Acsess Health’s engineering expertise, fully leveraging the capabilities of the deployed Fibre to the Home network.

The utilisation of solar power presents significant advantages for retirement communities, notably in fostering energy self-sufficiency. By deploying their own solar energy systems, these communities reduce reliance on external energy providers, thereby enhancing resilience against fluctuating energy costs. RACV Solar who worked closely with Acsess Health ensured compliance with important Australian Standards. The management of the Solar PV control system is mandated by both the DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider) and the AS4777 standard, serving two primary purposes.

Firstly, Central Mains Protection (CMP) is required for systems where the inverter/system capacity exceeds 30kw. In setups like that of Sherwin Rise’s electricity distribution, the DNSP monitors the total Inverter/system capacity installed at each house. CMP becomes essential when the cumulative capacity surpasses 30kw.

Secondly, Phase Balance Protection is necessary due to the single-phase supplies in all houses, each equipped with single-phase solar inverters. AS4777 mandates active phase balance protection when the total Inverter capacity connected on a site exceeds 30kw with multiple single-phase Inverters. This ensures that all inverters distribute power across the three phases in a balanced manner, maintaining system stability and efficiency.

Link to the Sherwin Rise website is as follows: