Unlimited data downloads

Pre-configured WiFi Routers available

Currently, the networks we install are fiber optic networks. They are deployed to the street in your estate, home, hotel or aged care facility, and have been designed and delivered so that they are prepared and ready for the future.

Our networks carry a range of services for data including ADSL, ADSL2, Cable, and Satellite/Wireless along with NBN or Direct Fiber where available.

They allow us to stay connected to the internet with mainstream providers and in some instances grant us access to specific services that have not been implemented in your immediate area yet.

Our networks are devised so that we can plug into the network through an incoming carrier and deploy it to you, the end user. Depending on what is available in your area, our speeds are at times limited, however more importantly, the network and equipment we provide are prominent for the connection of services from NBNCO and others.

This means that as the available internet speeds get faster, we will have the opportunity to deliver these to you at below average market prices.

Please Note:

  • Every plan includes unlimited data downloads
  • Wifi Routers pre-configured can be purchased through either us or externally
  • MODEMS should not be used on our networks and may be blocked by our Network Engineers.

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