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Acsess Health provides a wide range of telecomunication services and products to suit your needs

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IP Nurse Call, CCTV and Access Control

Made for aged and health care, the Nurse Call system that is used via IP (Internet Protocol) technology refers to a system that can allow patients to communicate to their care and medical professionals if they require help or assistance from their rooms. A room will have a button or remote installed that, when pressed, will send a message or alarm to a pager belonging to a nurse or care staff member alerting them that they are needed.

CCTV or closed circuit television refers to video surveillance technology and is used for security and safety, to make sure that staff and residents or patients are always accounted for. Being closed circuit, this television system will broadcast to a closed number of monitors within the facility it is installed in.

Access Control technology is what is used to enable employees and certain members of staff to be granted access for entering and exiting certain areas of their building safely and effectively. This also prevents unauthorized persons from entering or exiting the facility, adding another level of protection. Access control can be in the form of a keypad placed beside a door or certain entrance and exit which, when the correct passcode is entered or an authorised staff pass is used, can allow the individual to enter the premises.

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Data Voice, Foxtel, DAB and Radio

Data Voice refers to combining both Data and Voice communication through a singular network. We currently deploy fibre optic networks which have sturdier cables, are known to have faster speeds and can carry signals much further compared to copper cabling.

Our Foxtel packages can be found on here with all of the information you need for our three options.

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and uses a digital signal instead of FM (Frequency Modulation). Due to the fact that it doesn’t suffer from interference, DAB Radio is considered a better means of listening compared to FM radio, which can have a tendency to receive interference from other channels.

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Free to air TV

Whilst Free to Air TV is automatically included in the Foxtel Packages we offer, it can also be installed in your home or business separately.

To find out more, get in touch with us through our contact page.

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Hotel network MATV, SMATV and Content

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. It is created for facilities such as hotels or hospitals and is a network of cables that processes and amplifies television and frequency modulation (FM) signals, conveying reception to all televisions in that facility. This is an excellent choice for large buildings as it allows signals for multiple televisions to be transmitted from one TV antenna, as opposed to needing one antenna per television.

SMATV is Single Master Antenna Television and is able to supply and control the number and types of channels for multiple televisions in a building. This is done through a system that uses multiple satellites to create a single integrated cable signal for distribution to a cable network.

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Private and Retirement Estate Services

Being one of Australia’s largest providers of direct telephony, data, Pay TV and cabling services to residents living in retirement villages, we have fully integrated solutions for your private or retirement estate. We offer developers within these estates full Active Optical Networks along with fiber to the home (GEPON) and street.

We also offer Voice TV Data and Cable TV delivered on a maintenance free network and other additional communication services on request.

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Corporate Solutions PBX and Data

A PBX or Private Branch System is a private telephone system that can be used by a company or organisation for internal and external calls. They can include features such as call waiting, automated messages, or music hold functions and voice mail. A PBX is ideal for companies such as retirement estates as it provides centralised control for all incoming calls, automation for directing callers to their required staff members’ phone number as well as varied levels of access. This way different levels of staff and residents can use the phone system but only for what is appropriate to them.

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Mobile and RF re-transmission towers

For information on eligibility for mobile and radio frequency tower installation, please get in touch with us through our contact page to discuss further

Thermal Imaging Solutions

In today’s world we know how important it is to be prepared in the workplace. This is why we offer accurate, high tech thermal imaging solutions for most buildings and organizations.

Our services include non contact automatic screening, facial recognition and entrance screening technology to help you ensure that your workplace or health facility is equipped with the right tools to operate safely and effectively every day.

Costs and Features

Protection made simple.

Our thermal imaging AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is the perfect aid in helping your organisation enforce effective entrance requirements and regulate the following of those requirements through facial recognition and screening. These products are created with Australian software to guarantee security and we offer an optional cloud service which is hosted by Amazon web servers.

We recommend this technology for Aged Care, Hospitals, Hotels, Offices, Schools and Workplaces, with standalone terminals starting from $2145 each. It should be noted that our products are an aid and should only be used as a part of your organization’s overall strategy.

Benefits of thermal imaging technology

To find out more about our Thermal Imaging Solution have a look at on our product website here