Troubleshooting Foxtel

If your box won’t come out of standby

If your box won’t come out of standby, you may need to power cycle your box. If you’re in the middle of recording a show, this will be interrupted, but the reset won’t delete anything from your iQ Planner.

How to Power Cycle your Foxtel Box

  1. Power cycle your FOXTEL box by switching the power off at the wall socket, then remove the power cable from the back of the box.
  2. Leave the power disconnected for at least 30 seconds
  3. Plug the FOXTEL power cable back in and switch the power on. Your Foxtel box should turn on and the front panel will light up.
  4. The reboot process takes about three to six minutes and most of our boxes will automatically turn themselves back on. If your box is still showing the red standby light, try turning it on by pressing the FOXTEL button or the standby button at the top of your remote.

If your FOXTEL box has no lights

If your FOXTEL box won’t turn on, there may be an issue with the power supply.

  1. Check that the power cable is connected securely to a wall socket.
  2. Check the power cable is secured tightly at the back of your FOXTEL box.

If your FOXTEL remote isn’t working

  1. Check the light at the top of your FOXTEL remote, if there is no light:

    Refresh your FOXTEL remote by removing and reinserting the batteries.
    If this doesn’t work, you might need to insert new batteries.
  1. If your FOXTEL remote is showing a red light follow these steps below:
  2. Make sure your FOXTEL Box is working by:
    Turn the box OFF and back ON.
    Try to change the channel using the up and down arrows on the front panel of the box.
  3. Refresh the remote by:
    Now try your FOXTEL remote again to see if it’s working.
    Remove and re-insert the batteries into the back of your FOXTEL remote or add new batteries.
    Using the palm of your hand, firmly press down all the buttons on the remote to un-stick any buttons and remove dirt.
  4. Check IR noise by:
    TV back lights
    Energy saving light globes
    Flickering fluorescent lights
    Fingerprints or dust on FOXTEL Box
  5. Wipe down the front of the FOXTEL box to remove any finger prints, dust or grime as this can cause IR interference
  6. Perform a soft reboot.
    Press and hold the Back and Select buttons down at the same time on the front of your FOXTEL box for 5-10 seconds. This will reboot the unit.
    Now switch your FOXTEL box on again, testing both the box and FOXTEL remote.