Extending your Wi-Fi coverage

Whether you require a strong connection in a specific area or consistent speeds throughout the entirety of your home, we at Acsess Health can provide an additional air-Cube router access point to expand the Wi-Fi reach in your home.

Air Cube Router

The air-Cube is setup as a mesh network with your existing router, thus allowing consistent speeds around the home compared to ordinary Wi-Fi extenders.

What is a Mesh Network and why is it better than a Wi-Fi extender?

A mesh network means that all the routers are connected to each other under one network; this means all routers have a direct link to each other and the internet. Hence, when you connect to any router with your device, it is a seamless connection under one network.
Whereas a Wi-Fi extender creates an additional network specific to the extender, the Wi-Fi extender first connects to the router that provides internet and then provides internet for your connected device, this setup is a lot less seamless and slower.

Mesh Network

The mesh network uses the one network to connect all the air cubes and devices to the internet, the signal strength is the same for each device.

Wi-Fi Extender Setup

With a Wi-Fi extender setup the signal strength depreciates each time it goes from one extender to another to your device.

As you can see the advantages of a mesh network over a Wi-Fi extender are far superior; that is why at Acsess Health we provide our residents with this solution. With a second air cube installed within a mesh network, you can boost your Wi-Fi signal throughout every facet of your home while maintaining consistent speeds in each room.

Two Air Cube routers in a mesh network covers the entire house with strong consistent Wi-Fi connection.

For further information or if you would like to request a second Air Cube Router access point contact Acsess Health at 1300 736-785 for more details and pricing.